Consultation & Fees

Immigration is a complex and ever-changing area of law.  As such, there is little room for error. Mistakes made in a case can have serious consequences which could dramatically impact your ability to live and work in the U.S. 
Schedule an Initial Consultation 
We encourage our potential clients to schedule a consultation with us. 
The initial consultation gives us an opportunity to review your situation to determine the available courses of action and in addition to providing you with an honest assessment of the likelihood of success of your case before you retain our firm.  
We will request certain documents and information prior to the consultation.  We ask that you compile and furnish all available documentation regarding your case. 
Please contact us for further information on the initial consultation process.
Sign an Engagement Agreement 
Should you choose to retain McEntee Law Group to represent you, both you and our firm will sign an Engagement Agreement that clearly outlines the scope of the representation and fees payable. 

Typically, most matters are handled on a flat-fee basis, so there are no surprises or hourly charges.   At McEntee Law Group, we want you to feel free to call or e-mail with a question without fear of how much more it will cost you because "the meter is running".   


We are here to help you develop a course of action to achieve your immigration goals.  You will be informed of every document that is filed on your behalf and most importantly you will have access to our Online Case Management System so you can track the status of your case within the firm.  In addition, you will be able to modify and add information to your file in our Online File Database. 


McEntee Law Group will work tirelessly to provide you with the service you expect in a prompt and highly ethical manner.  As we have been through the U.S. immigration system, we can relate to your experience first-hand. 


At McEntee Law Group, we are sensitive to how much your case means to you and we promise to fight hard to provide the immigration service you deserve.


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