Welcome to McEntee Law Group, Immigration Practice

McEntee Law Group is an established immigration practice that represents worldwide corporations, technology start-ups, top musicians and artists, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and investors. 


Fiona McEntee and Raymond McEntee originally hail from Dublin, Ireland, but have been living in the States for over 13 years combined.  Fiona is the Founding and Managing Attorney of McEntee Law Group and Raymond is both a qualified U.S. attorney and a qualified lawyer in Ireland/UK.


McEntee Law Group works with individuals and businesses of all sizes across all sectors including healthcare, technology, consumer goods, retail, hospitality, aviation, entertainment etc. We also work with many foreign companies that are expanding to the States.


Additionally, we have a lot of experience working with, and advising, start-ups on their immigration matters. We host regular mentor office hours at 1871, Chicago's entrepreneurial hub for digital start-ups, and we present in other incubators throughout the city of Chicago and beyond.


While we are based in Chicago, as immigration law is federal, we can and do represent clients all throughout the U.S.  The McEntee Law Group has recently expanded its practice to include a satellite office in Dublin, Ireland, so that we can further serve our European and worldwide clients.