Welcome to the McEntee Law Group, Immigration Law Practice

The McEntee Law Group provides reliable advice and representation for corporate, entertainment, and individual clients worldwide.  



We have experience with regard to all aspects of entertainment, employment and family-related immigration laws in the U.S.  We can assist our clients in obtaining temporary and permanent status in virtually every immigration category. 




We provide visa solutions and representation for multinational and U.S. companies, solo musicians, bands, athletes, professionals, investors, students and others. 




We work with all types of clients: from the small business, to the large multinational company; from the individual investor in a start up firm, to the multi-million dollar franchise holder; and, from the business that employs one foreign national, to the firm that transfers thousands. 




While our office is located in the John Hancock Center, downtown Chicago, IL, we can represent clients in immigration matters throughout the U.S. Additionally, we have a satellite office located in Dublin, Ireland, so that we can further serve our European and worldwide clients.