About Us

History of the Firm

Founded in December 2009 by Fiona McEntee in a humble Lakeview apartment with a Regus Center mailing address, McEntee Law began with zero clients but a vast vision. Fiona leveraged her networking prowess and connections in the music industry to niche the firm in music visas, marking the Coronas as their first music client. The firm’s journey saw a significant leap when Ray, Fiona’s brother, joined in 2014, transitioning from a solo practice to a growing team passionate about immigration law. Over the years, McEntee Law has expanded its team, moving from makeshift office setups to becoming a staple in the 2112 entrepreneurial hub. Today, McEntee Law prides itself on a supportive culture, a dedicated team, and a relentless pursuit of helping clients achieve their American Dream, embodying the essence of a family-founded firm that has grown to make a significant impact.

Our Mission

We are not just a team; we’re a family of passionate immigration advocates, united by a shared vision to make a significant impact. Our journey is fueled by personal experiences, a deep commitment to social justice, and an unwavering dedication to our clients’ dreams. We’re in the trenches with our clients, understanding the gravity of each case, and employing every creative strategy at our disposal—from expedited appointments to congressional assistance. But our mission goes beyond the courtroom. We’re storytellers, educators, and activists, eager to reshape the narrative around immigration, showcasing the strength and beauty of immigrant stories. Our involvement stretches from the startup scene to the sports fields, where we not only provide legal guidance but also immerse ourselves in the communities we serve. This is who we are, and this is the future we’re building together at McEntee Law.

Core Values

At McEntee Law, our core values spell out HOME, a reflection of the sanctuary we strive to provide for our clients and our team. Harmony is our foundation, celebrating our diverse team’s commitment to supporting our clients, each other, and themselves, especially through the tough days. We offer unlimited PTO, holiday closures, and mental health support, fostering a balanced environment that resonates with the harmony of our music clients and our unique office space within a vibrant music and entertainment ecosystem.

Optimism fuels our drive; we’re passionate believers in a better immigration system and tirelessly work towards this vision. We leverage our privilege to advocate for change, engaging in media, writing, lobbying, and social media activism, all with a hopeful outlook for the future.

Modern defines our approach. Far from traditional, we embrace a relaxed and casual office vibe, modern technology, and flexible work arrangements to make immigration services as accessible and understandable as possible.

Empathy guides our interactions. Whether or not we’ve personally navigated immigration, we deeply understand its impact. This empathy drives our detail-oriented, persistent advocacy, ensuring every client feels seen, heard, and valued, with no hierarchy of immigration cases in our eyes. Everyone deserves their shot at the American Dream, and at McEntee Law, we’re committed to making that a reality




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Years in the industry

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