Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the administration’s decision to terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The Court considered three cases: Dept. of Homeland v. Regents Univ. CA (18-587), Trump, President of U.S. v. NAAP (18-588) and McAleenan Sec. of Homeland v. Vidal (18-589).

It has been our firm stance to fight for our Dreamers—because #WeAreAllDreamers and #HomeIsHere. We are proud to stand alongside incredible allies in this fight, including AILA National member, Faye Kolly, who provided us an overview of all the factors that the Court will likely consider in today’s hearing. 

According a post-hearing report from The New York Times, the conservative justices on the court appeared to side with the Trump administration in its efforts to shut down the program that protects about 700,000 Dreamers. Nonetheless, there was agreement among the justices that the young people who signed up for DACA were “sympathetic and that they and their families, schools and employers had relied on it in good faith.” As has been the case with many previous SCOTUS hearings, Justice Roberts will likely carry the deciding vote in the matter.  

The SCOTUS hearing followed a tweet from President Trump this morning falsely claiming that some DACA recipients are “very tough, hardened criminals.” As you may know, this statement is categorically incorrect – to qualify for #DACA by definition you cannot be a hardened criminal.

McEntee Law stands with the Dreamers – they are our clients, our teachers, our doctors, our lawyers, our law students, our activists, our colleagues, our neighbors, our friends.

A decision in the DACA case is not expected until some time in 2020. In the meantime, current DACA holders should consult an attorney about whether they should renew their applications.

We are closely following updates but regardless of the outcome, McEntee Law, along with @AILANational, will “continue to march toward a solution that will transform the current fragility of [Dreamers’] circumstances toward a more permanent solution.” We urge Congress to act now to protect Dreamers!

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