Immigration Options in Today’s Landscape
H-1B VISA, O-1 VISA, Green Cards & More

The annual H-1B visa filing period is fast approaching in April 2019. Immigration Attorney, Ray McEntee, will outline what is involved in the H-1B visa process including timing, suitable positions, prevailing wage issues, and recent trends. He will also discuss some alternative options including the O-1 extraordinary visa, green card options, and more. In this ever-changing immigration landscape, it is more important than ever to keep up to date on new trends and policies.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Get valuable information on the once-a-year H-1B lottery filing period

  • Learn about some alternative visa options

  • See if a green card might be suitable for you or your employee(s)

  • Find out about changes to the immigration and visa process under the new administration

Ray McEntee is an Attorney and Lead Solicitor at McEntee Law Group. He is a licensed U.S. attorney and a qualified solicitor in Ireland, England, and Wales. Ray’s experience in commercial litigation, conveyance, and banking law enhances McEntee Law Group’s ability to help navigate clients through the employment-based immigration law system. Ray also came to the U.S. on an H-1B and as such has been through the random lottery selection process and can offer his firsthand experience on the process.

A little bit more about me… I’m from Ireland originally and came to the States in 2014 to work with McEntee Law Group, an immigration law firm founded by my sister, Fiona. I am a U.S, Irish, English, and Welsh lawyer. I have been practicing immigration law exclusively since moving to the States.

As an individual who came here on an H-1B visa, I know first-hand how daunting the immigration process can be including the H-1B random lottery process. We are coming upon a really time sensitive period for immigration – the annual H-1B visa filing deadline in April. The H-1B is a highly sought option for working professionals.

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