McEntee Law Group is incredibly honored to announce that we will be an official sponsor for Edgewater Castle FC, a community-owned soccer club located in Chicago, our firm’s hometown. As a law firm founded and owned by immigrants, we are thrilled to establish this partnership with Edgewater Castle FC on a foundation of shared values:  community, equity, and inclusion. McEntee Law Group and Edgewater Castle FC strive to bring communities together and make the American dream more accessible to all. 

Edgewater Castle FC celebrates the rich diversity of communities in North Chicago. Immigrants from all over the world call Chicago home, and while many find community through sports clubs, the costs can be a barrier to entry. Edgewater Castle FC provides opportunities to play at a club level regardless of socioeconomic status. At McEntee Law Group, we are proud to support community organizations like Edgewater Castle FC that help immigrants find home away from home and bring people together. Go Rooks!

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