Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an immigration attorney? Are you curious to know what lawyers do with their hours in the day? We have an inside look at the day of our own Associate Attorney Elena Diaz, who lives and works in our Chicago office.


How did you get your current job at McEntee Law Group?

I followed Fiona on LinkedIn and saw her job posting. I knew of her work and I was very happy when I learned she was seeking a new attorney.


Describe a typical day.

6:30AM-8AM: Alarm goes off. I go downstairs for a workout or do a workout at home.

8AM-9AM: Take Balthazar for a walk, I eat breakfast and get ready for work.

9AM: The workday starts. I log into Slack (how we communicate as a team) and LollyLaw (our case management software). The next thing I do is to check my emails, read client replies, and update my notes and tasks.

10AM -1PM: This is my writing time. Unless I have a call, I generally do research and writing. I focus on extraordinary ability cases (O-1 visas and EB-1A green cards). Because I am an actor myself, I love working on cases for creatives. Whether it is a scientist, a tech entrepreneur, or an artist, working on these cases is very inspiring. My research focuses on learning about them, their journey, the company they created or that is petitioning for them, and how they meet the criteria for the O-1 visa or the EB-1A green card. As I learn about them, I write the Letter of Support and create exhibits. I love writing. I feel I get lost in the world of the client, who they are, and what is driving them. I listen to classical music while I write. This is the best part of my job.

1PM: I take a 30 mins break and take Balthazar for a quick walk.

1:30PM -5PM or EOD: I generally finish what I was writing earlier and then move to another client. I also work with the case managers who help me with some of the research, creating exhibits, and other tasks. Immigration law requires lots of teamwork. Even if I am in charge of the writing, there are lots of other tasks that make a case perfect. Being a lawyer means managing those tasks too.

Why did you become an immigration attorney?


This work means so much to me becauseI am an immigrant myself and thus I know how important is to able to fulfill the dream of coming to the US. Immigration law is a field of law that changes people’s lives. When my clients get approvals, it is a major milestone in their lives that impacts not only themselves but  future generations. I remember being in Argentina and thinking how I can move to the US, and my journey from international student to US Citizen, so I know first-hand how much my works impacts my clients. It is wonderful to give them great news and be part of their journey.


What do you want people to know about being an immigration attorney?


Working as an immigration attorney ensures that no two days are the same. Hearing a case gets approved makes my day! I get so happy for the client, but I also feel proud of myself and the team. Everybody at our office works very hard and is very conscious of the importance of our work. The best part of being an immigration attorney is knowing the life-changing impact we have in our client’s lives. As an attorney working with creatives and other extraordinary ability clients, I feel honored and inspired by them. At the same time, sometimes working in immigration law can be emotionally difficult, there is a lot outside of our hands. But that is part of the job and as attorneys we need to keep fighting to make sure things change and we do what we can to always file the strongest case possible.
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