Embarking on a new journey as an immigrant in the United States often comes with a blend of excitement and challenges. One such challenge is the delay in receiving the physical Green Card after entering the U.S. While new immigrants attain the status of permanent residents upon entry, the Green Card is not immediately provided, sometimes leading to anxious waiting periods and potential complications. Here is a guide for new immigrants who are addressing green card delays post U.S. entry.


The Journey to Receiving Your Green Card


The Gap Between Entry and Physical Proof

Upon entering the United States on an immigrant visa, individuals are granted permanent resident status. However, the physical Green Card, which serves as tangible proof of this status, is not handed over at the border. This is due to the procedural necessity to first issue and then mail the Green Card to the immigrant’s U.S. mailing address, a process that can sometimes span several months.


The Implications of Delayed Green Card Receipt

The waiting period for the Green Card can extend beyond six months in some instances, causing anxiety and potential issues for new immigrants, especially if they need to validate their residency status for employment or other purposes.


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Proactive Steps in Addressing Green Card Delays


Verifying Entry Records with CBP

It’s very important to verify your entry record with the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers, especially if you experience prolonged delays in receiving your Green Card. Ensuring that your entry into the U.S. has been accurately recorded is crucial, as discrepancies or omissions in this record can lead to subsequent issues in the Green Card issuance process.


Navigating Through Potential Issues

In instances where CBP officers may not have recorded the entry of a foreign national into the U.S., it’s imperative to address and rectify this oversight promptly. While it is a fixable mistake, it requires attention and potentially, the experience and knowledge of an immigration attorney to navigate through the rectification process.



Navigating through the initial phases of U.S. immigration, particularly when it involves delays or issues in receiving your Green Card, can be a daunting experience. Ensuring that your entry has been accurately recorded and proactively addressing any delays in Green Card issuance is pivotal in ensuring a smooth transition into your new life in the United States. For personalized guidance and assistance through these initial steps, reaching out to an experienced immigration attorney, like those at McEntee Law Group, can provide the requisite expertise and support to navigate through these challenges effectively.


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