Originally posted by The Washington Post and written by Maria Sacchetti. Summary provided by McEntee Law Group.

Immigrants from Cameroon are now eligible for temporary protected status (TPS). TPS allows immigrants to apply for work permits and remain in the U.S. for 18 months. The designation usually benefits undocumented immigrants and people with visas set to expire.  

 TPS is granted to certain immigrants from countries experiencing extraordinary conditions such as war or natural disasters. In Cameroon, there is a conflict between the English-speaking minority and French-speaking majority. This has led to an increase in attacks by extremist group ‘Boko Haram.’  

Hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians are now displaced and lack access to essential services. The country is also experiencing economic and food insecurity. DHS officials have said current conditions make it unsafe for Cameroonians to return. 

Cameroonians that have been living in the U.S. as of April 14th are eligible for protection. Up to 40,000 Cameroonians may be eligible for TPS. 

 Advocacy groups continue to propose more countries for TPS designation to protect migrants from returning to dangerous conditions. 

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