Originally posted by The Hill and written by Jordain Carney. Summary provided by McEntee Law Group.

Congress Democrats and Republicans continue to discuss immigration issues but can’t seem to find a middle ground, especially when it comes to the border. Several Republican Congressmen expressed that reaching a consensus on immigration is impossible without first addressing border security. Also,
the recent decision by the Biden administration to lift the Title 42 policy has drawn mixed feelings from both parties 

Republicans are focused on border security, and many Democrats hope to pass legislation that would lead to citizenship for millions of immigrants. There’s also general skepticism that any changes will happen at all. Previous attempts over the years have been stunted or resulted in little progress. 

Democrats recognized how challenging it is to pass immigration reform. That’s why they attempted to pass a tax/spending bill that included a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in the hopes it would pass. However, the bell ran into roadblocks and was ultimately put on hold.  

Senate Democrats have suggested the Biden administration use executive action to pass immigration reform related to DACA, but Republicans warn that this would make it harder to get immigration reform passed in the future. 

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