Originally posted by Axios and written by Oriana Gonzalez and Alayna Treene. Summary provided by McEntee Law Group

The Trump-era border policy Title 42 is still set to end this coming May 23rd. DHS issued a plan to secure the border. This is because experts anticipate an increase in migration once the policy is lifted. Several states challenged the decision to remove the policy, temporarily blocking the decision. Administration officials have said if the court does issue the restraining order against the policy, that DHS will comply.

Lawmakers continue to worry about the migration levels once the policy is lifted. In response, DHS plans on increasing resources, transportation, staff, and medical support. DHS also plans on improving efficiency and its ability to control overcrowding at the border. The department still plans on administering penalties for unlawful entry. DHS plans on detaining certain migrants while moving asylum cases forward.

More details on the plan can be found in the official DHS memo here.

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